VU Meter with Blynk


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Very nice !!! Good work

Good work but give us your sketch :wink:

.bin in Video

This is a blynk forum,
even if it is a good job, that doesn’t help anyone in our community .
We need a blynk sketch, not a binary file, i’m too lazy to convert bin to ino :sleeping:
Not sure if @PeteKnight agrees with me, but maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s nice to have people showcase things they’ve made with Blynk as a way of inspiring others, and as we’ve seen from projects like the the table tennis machine, irrigation projects etc, the author is going to be inundated with requests to “make it do this” and “how do I wire that”.

Simply providing the .ino file doesn’t really solve this though, because there’s not enough additional information about how the hardware is assembled and you’re stuck with one particular type of hardware. You’re also left to figure-out how the app should be set-up, without any clues from the code. You’re also left wondering if the author has used some sort of dynamic provisioning, or whether you’ll need to go around to his house to use his Wi-Fi and share his Blynk Auth code :open_mouth:

Personally, I looked at it and said to myself “I don’t need one of those, thank you very much” and moved on.



Thank you Peter, I agree with you :blush:
We must share our sketch to help anyone in our community.