VPINS - Buttons - send more than just 1 or 0?

Ok, so if you’ve seen my other posts - I’m using the APP with Node-Red… to control several devices… great… but - there are 31 virtual pins - I’m using them merely to trigger events - not talk to real pins. Problem is - every thing I want to do I have to use a different “virtual pin” for… am I missing something - is there a way that a button can send back something other than 1 or 0 from the APP… then I could use the same “Pin” over and over…

So I have a button to turn light A on and off - another button to turn light B on and off… I need to use up 2 of the virtual pins. If I could send values other than 1 or 0 I could use the same “pin” for both… possible? Like a message “kitchen light on” “Bathroom light on” ???

You can’t use the same pin for both. Beauty of V pins is in it’s simplicity and flexibility.
You can use one V pin and activate two things on your end.
Or you can set up Terminal widget and use it for sending text commands.

I think we will add just different widgets for such cases.
Every widget should do a simple task.