VPIN/Dashboard/I'm missing a basic concept since upgrade

I’m trying to move my 4 esp8266 relays from the old platform to the new and I’m doing something wrong… On the old platform each device had a vpin (1-4) and I simply had a button for each… to duplicate this on the new platform I’ve created 4 switches, each with vpin (1-4) and 4 associated datastreams. They connect and work, but they all function as one switch instead of 4 independent devices.

Can you only have one device per template and maybe that’s the problem? Previous platform I had one dash w/ 4 buttons to turn each device on and off…

Post your whole sketch please.

I found the issue (wondering if I should delete my question or if this would help others). I had copied my base sketch from the quickstart and as I built on it, forgot to remove the line where it writes back the value of the vpin1 (I am switching vpin0 on this sketch)… once I commented that line out of course the two buttons acted independently as they should:

// Update state
// Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, value);

I personally don’t like the QuickStart template/sketch.
I see a lot of people using is the basis for their Blynk IoT sketches, and if they already have a working Legacy sketch then it’s not the best approach to take.