Volume of data when I USE Blynk

Hi out there!

I have finished a weather station project using Adafruit ESP8266 HUZZA and two BME280. The system are up running, but I have recognised that the volume of traffic on the Internet have increased dramaticly.

Can anyone give some input to what the reason is and how to handle it?

I tried to send data to Blynk every 15 minutes by putting a long delay after data transfere. However, then my WIFI connection timed out and I had to put a new connection in the code after the delay.

So… you are the one slowing down the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

As for what you are doing wrong… well, since you havent given us any real information, like code, etc. (properly formatted for this forum - see the Welcome Topic) then we have no real answers for you.

But I can guess that you are using delay() instead of proper BlynkTimer for spacing out your readings.



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