Voice output

Hi guys, our project is all about sign language to speech. May I ask if BLYNK has the power to translate the designated sensor value to produce sound? Or something that in the App we are going to click something and produce sound. In our research it is mostly voice control to produce also a voice. THANKS

No, Blynk has no native sound or speech capabilities.

I’m not clear if you want the sound/speech to come out of the mobile device, or the MCU that is being controlled by Blynk.
If it’s the former then it guess it may be possible to do this with a 3rd party app, but this would probably need to be done on an Android device and would require a lot of custom setup on the mobile device and may be difficult to transfer from one device to another or to avoid being broken by app or OS updates.

If it’s the latter then I guess you could use a sound generator or speech synthesiser board that is controlled by your MCU.

Another alternative is to use a smart speaker such as an Alexa or Google Assistant ad control it via IFTTT (if that’s possible, I’m not sure) or via Node-Red.

Node-Red is a very powerful workflow and visual programming environment that has plug-ins for various 3rd party systems including Blynk and Alexa/Google.
I use this to allow me to have voice control over my Blynk connected devices, but there is also a plug-in for Alexa called Alexa-Remote2, which allows you to send a string of data to a particular Alexa device and have it speak that data string. I’ve tried this and it works very well, although I’m not currently using this in any of my live workflows.