Voice comand with blynk

First of all, sorry for my bad english, I’m Brazilian.
[1] I need your application help and opnion or some feature for voice activation using blynk.
I tried using the Tasker app but I did not succeed.
I will be grateful if you will make some step by step available to me.

[2] If you have a question, what is the link for HTTP integration of the blynk server?
I tried using this template “https://blynk-cloud.com/auth/pin/D1” and did not succeed. Help-me

Short of possibly using Google Home or Amazon Alexa via code (and you can use the forum search function, link above, for that)… there is NO voice recognition feature in Blynk.


As for the API… again, search this forum… many similar questions and answers :wink:


as I said, my English is not very good, so it makes me difficult in the searches. There are countless topics here. I will try to use this feature that passed me and return. thankful

Odds are high that any such tutorial would be in English anyhow… so… :man_shrugging: short of doing everything for those that ask us to (and unfortunately we get a lot of that :unamused: ) All we can do is encourage others to search, try for themselves and learn. Use Google translate if you cannot find things in your native language.

I’ve tried it in many ways and I did not succeed.
The last failure was with Sinric.
I have tried with IFTTT, also to no avail.
Tasker, the same thing.
The problem also comes from the tutorials being old and many of the systems do not work as before.
Finding blynk projects including this service is not being easy for me 4 days ago. I want something simple, like plugging in a led / bulb

So… what more do you want me to say?

Sure… me too (not that I totally trust having everything I say being scanned by the web :satellite: :artificial_satellite: :laughing: )… but I guess we just have to wait :sleeping:

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to keep looking and learning, you can add your vote to the Blynk Roadmap.


If you’re using IFTTT then when you make the API call you need to replace blynk-cloud.com with the IP address of your local server (obtained by pinging blynk-cloud.com from the command line.
The same applies to other externally hosted services like Sinric.

There’s a more detailed explanation here:


Can you show us your code ?


YouTube for you.