Voice automation hardware + blynk


I’m currently trying to setup somekind of automation/smarthouse, the concept is to have light control, a few actuators for doors, surveillence cameras, nfc reading, ifttt, somekind of interactive voice control and blynk control.

Im waiting on the relays, particle photons and proximity sensors for lhe lights so i have nothing to work on so i started daydreaming with the voice automation, started looking around and found amazon echo. Its a great product but not an investement ($) i want to make right now, my questions are:

Is amazon echo blynk/photon compatible?

What are other alternatives on voice control? (avoiding the use of the smartphone, maybe smartwatch, anykind of hardware cheaper than the amazon echo)

Is it possible to have a raspberrypi as a local server and somekind of voice control using a siri/alexa like program?

Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance

I’m guessing you could try something called Jasper. This software runs on the Pi and has some sort of voice control. I think I heard some people here talk about, but I have no idea how recent it is.

It sounds possible though, if you can get the Pi up and running it should be relatively straight forward with some smart scripting.

Blynk has no direct integration with Amazon Echo. But you could easily do that via ifttt.

Jasper looks nice, great support docs too, have to check it out more. So in theory i woudnt have too buy 2 pi’s?

@Dmitry what about lag, do you think would it be a problem? To control lights for instance, high lag is not pratical

I haven’t looked at Jasper myself, yet, anyway, but you should be able to run all things locally. From what I gathered Jasper has been made with the Pi at heart. So it should have a very light footprint on the system.


Running a local blynk server would also minimize your input lag. I think that would be OK, especially if you have a newer revision Pi.

We controlled drone with Blynk via remote (not local) server with no lag. So you should have no lag. At least blynk lags =).

Sure but i read somewhere that the ifttt lag is huge or am i wrong? To use amazon echo, not only, as a voice control via ifttt would be great if the lag is relatively low, but how good would it be to somehow direct control a blynk project with echo… or even with a smartwatch rather than using a smartphone, laptop or tablet

Lichtsignaal thank you very much for your anwsers, definitly gonna try jasper out, altough i dont have any experience with pi eheh problably ill use a raspberrypi b as a local server and a zero to jasper and then if possible get rid of the zero

Yes. That’s true. Indeed Blynk is open-sourced so you can easily add Echo integration by yourself. It shouldn’t be hard. Blynk team at the moment is busy with other features.

Sure i understand! Hopefully somebody will do it for me since im a little grasshopper in terms of coding eheh thanks for yout time =)

Not so much lag as i have used google assistant to trigger a web hook in IFTTT.

IFTTT will call provided URL in one to five sec time

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