Visual Studio Code anyone?

Hi All

I’m using Notepad++ which works really well on Windows - but I also use Mac so after a more cross platform IDE. Tried Eclipse but it was non-trivial to setup and I’ve given up for now - same with Platform IO

Just a general question to forum - anyone using Visual Studio Code with Blynk - seems lightweight and powerful ? if so would be great to get your opinions before I head down and explore that track.

Got some info on PlatformIO here:

There are two tutorials, part one deals with just how to get the whole thing running. Maybe you can give it a try. It works really nice when you get the hang of it.


Visual Studio Code is in Platofrmio plane to integrate with , but they provide no ETA at all.
i still use Platformio as my daily IDE for tinkering with ESP8266 and alos it’s cross platform

yes! Looking at moving to Visual Studio Code - extremely powerful. Have also been using NotePad++ so far, but lacks IntelliSense and ability to jump to definitions which I expect from an IDE.

All my BLYNK_WRITE macros are flagged as problems as are references to D4, V3 etc… which is rather annoying. same goes for param.asInt() Did you solve those issues?

One of my Blynk sketches is reported to have 83 problems but of course compiles fine.