VirtualWrite and LED , any difference when sending socket msg?

I’m trying to light up the led widget with other programming language by using VirtualWrite to the binding pin. That is sending i.e. vw 0 255 to light led on binding with virtual pin 0. But it doesn’t work. However, for a value display widget, this works. Should I do some other work like registering led on specific pin? Thanks for your reply.

Are you using iOS or Android?

Actually, led widget works perfectly on both ios and android. I’m trying to translate the blynk protocol to LabVIEW language, during which I come across the issue above. So hopefully @vshymanskyy can answer me the difference of sending message for virtual write and lighting led.

did you forget about pinMode() ?
don’t have any other ideas…

My question is actually how to implement API for LED widget in node.js library or python? I failed to translate the protocol for that. Thanks for reply if I missed anything.

Same problem for LCD.print(0, 0, ‘something’). To implement this function, should I send virtualwrite only? Or need I do something for initialization as WidgetLED(0) , WidgetLCD(0) ?

Looking forward to your reply. I know you’re quite busy.

Every new widget comes with new Example. This is the best way to explore them.

Thanks. But I’m really familiar with examples shipped by you guys. I’m trying to implement a wrapper in python or LabVIEW for LED and LCD widgets. Maybe I failed to describe the question clearly. Really need a support. @vshymanskyy

Just take a look at Widget* implementation like this: