Virtual Writes at the same time

I have a Node MCU mini acting as a data collection point from several other Node MCU devices using the Bridge Widget. Occasionally the Data collection node goes off line and will not reconnect even if I have a Blynk.begin command where I detect a no connect. I’ve been doing lots of investigation trying to get to the bottom of this and have found some strange behaviour which I think is related to the bridge.virtualWrite command.
so my question is this, what happens if two devices both send a bridge.virtualWrite at almost the same time to different virtual pins?
From my investigation it looks like the first virtualWrite starts the process off associated with the virtual pin but the second virtualWrite will stop that process and start the second process, such that the first process never completes. I can see the logic to this but is there any way to prevent this other than ensuring remote devices only bridge.vitualWrite at a specific time ensuring no data clash?