Virtual Pin stopped working on Iphone6

Using the (PushData) example sketch (w/Mega 2560)
Virtual Pin V5 (Value Widget) is no longer working (only displays “0”) with Iphone6 (IOS 8.3)
However this does work fine with Android Tablet (OS 5.1.1) displaying update values correctly

It’s unlikely an app issue.
Need more details, including your code and widget settings please

iPhone6 (IOS 8.3) App Settings:

Value Display Widget
Input = V5
Range = 0-1023 (connection enabled)
Frequency = 1 Sec

I found the issue !

When configuring the APP value widget:

If you enable the connection icon (located between the min/max value cells) when using this virtual pin setting the updates from this script will not work.

Wow, this is great find! We need to give you a “Sherlock Holmes Badge” :microscope: . Thank you very much @Smashim!

I know that it’s not very clear, but it’s not a connection icon - it’s a data mapping function. You can read a bit about it here

Now all we need to do - is fix it! :wrench:

I will wear the new badge with honor :wink:

I realize the virtual pins technically do not represent any physical connection and I guess I enabled it just out of habit while testing various widgets.

To me the two simple fixes for using virtual pins would be either to disable the connection function or to remove the connection icon completely when selecting a virtual pin thus removing any confusion since that is not relevant for this selection.


I think the link you sent me above in your last post to learn more about Virtual Pins and mapping was incorrect (the link just took me to some of my older posts).

If you do have a location with more information about using virtual pins that would be great.

In general, I think many users are now anxious to see more user documentation coming out to really help everyone get the most out of this great solution you guys have put together.

thanks again