Virtual Pin busy while non assigned


When trying to assign a virtual pin, the pin is already assigned to a unknown widget.
I’m using iOS and local server. Sometimes this happens when I switch straight from a virtual pin to another without changing it back to no pin first.
It looks like the pin stays busy when straight switching between pins.
I’m unable to use these pins every again in the project. Also when I remove the widget straight on Blynk Administration.
Both the newest versions. I have encountered this problem a few times…

Hello. What versions do you have? Of server, app?

iOS app 2.5.9
Server 0.19.0
But had it also in previous versions.

Hm… We had this issue before. But it was fixed many days ago. Could you please give me exactly steps for reproducing?

I don’t know the exact way. I am always surprised when it happens. Then I don’t know what I actually did.
But what I think is when I switch between a virtual pin inside a widget. Then the pin is “busy” while selecting a new pin, which will not be set free.
Normally I switch by first deselecting the virtual pin by selecting the – and then I pick the other pin.
But sometimes I forget and then I can’t select it anymore.
And now when I try to cause this problem, I doesn’t appear​:thinking::unamused: