Virtual LED

My virtual LED glows, but it glows very din. line, like a little line in the led, look at he code, the digital leds glw good, but virtual dim

{WidgetLED led1(V8);
  if (param.asInt())
{digitalWrite(30, HIGH);
digitalWrite(30, LOW);

void setup()
  // Debug console
  pinMode(30, OUTPUT);

Virtual LED’s are from 0 to 255, your HIGH is just 1 i.e. very dim.

so how to do it
send me code, and i have another question if i use lcd for display should mention the widget lcd command or just blynk.vitualwrite will be enough

No code for you, sorry.

it’s all in the docs.

In your virtualWrite() change HIGH to 255. Job done.

Now read docs a few more times.

New thread for LCD once you have read the docs.