Videostream with android not video

hello guys this link the videostream with iphone works. but I can not with android. can you help me? thank you


What link? You removed it… so how can anyone help :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries, your bike is still there …
I’m sending you a PM with the proper format…
Do NOT post your details anymore…

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Can you delete that part for our colleague??

I couldn’t even see the bike, on iOS (just shows Error), Android or VLC… is it a nice bike? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure… well, hide the edit at least.


It is! Lol

Thanks for editting his post… :wink:

thanks you see … but I see only one. I see them simultaneously with the iPhone. I gave different rtsp ports 1027 and 554. I repeat with the iphone

Iphone ok

Android no

I have never been able to get multiple video streams on one project… at best one per tab, but even then very unstable. It might be an android App limitation? @BlynkAndroidDev I think I mentioned this a long while ago, did it ever get looked into?

@luccio are you aware that now anyone can log into your cameras… again… might bog your network down a bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also… your stairwell camera is mounted upside down and making me dizzy :rofl: looks like part of the Relativity lithograph

Escher's Relativity.jpg300x285
Artist M. C. Escher
Year 1953
Type lithograph
Dimensions 27.7 cm Ă— 29.2 cm (10.9 in Ă— 11.5 in)

Thanks for the reply. do not you think you can solve it? with apple it works great

I am not a Blynk developer… so… no :wink:

Ahhaahahah I still have to complete the job

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we hope they solve

That’s a known issue, we are waiting for a release of a more stable rtsp library and reimplement video playback.