Video widget unreliable (on Version 2.27.17)

I am observing strange behaviour of the Video widget:
It does not connect to the active stream when App Connects to the Blynk server but does start if App is stopped/started from within the Blynk project.
The underlying stream is an MJPEG stream which is activated within 100ms of the WiFi client connection. VLC/Browsers are working fine with the stream.

Link to the streaming code:
Link to the demo video:

Could you please have a look?
Maybe the timeout on the widget is too aggressive? Maybe it should try a few times before giving up?

Any help from Blynk developers on this one? I am sure it is not just me affected…


Can you try our beta version - it has improvement for video widget: Android Beta 2.28.0

Oh… Love the 2.28 update!!!
Video widget is much better, the fullscreen landscape feature is a plus.
It also feels like the app overall is more responsive. Previous versions were lagging (I have a few projects hitting the same RPi server), but this one “feels” like it’s faster.
Thank you. When is the official release date?

OK. Two step forward, one step back. Now a video stream from gstreamer that used to work does not work…
gstreaming from RPi per this github tutorial:
url like
works in VLC, does not in widget…

Can you send the logs from the app - I will check them on a possible fix. To send logs - open About screen (info button on projects list screen), select ‘Send logs’ button and you mail app - it should attach log file and fill all fields for email sending.

We are not video player, so we can’t support all possible video streaming options. Most MJPEG streams i’ve tried - had worked fine.

I removed logs so I don’t send you 2.2 MB of unrelated stuff and guess what??? It started working!
Something to look into - the size of the log file affecting functionality??? Weird.
Anyway, THANKS for looking into this and apologies for the false alert!

Removed log files do not disable logging, so it do not look like logs cam affect streaming/ If the issue will reproduce - please send us logs.