Video Streaming Widget

Hi all,

i have a IP camera with rtsp, below the streaming info

I can connect from Blynk Video Streaming Widget (add the rtsp address without a output), but with out an action. I take only one screenshot without movement.

Where is the problem?

The resolution maybe? Can you try to reduce it and check again?

I try to change all the settings but nothing…

4000 kbps = 500 kB/s and is fairly high… I have a internet stream across my DVR setup that displays two combined 1080p camera views at respectable enough resolution and frame-rate… averaging in at 8-10 kB/s

The Blynk video streaming widget is not like a dedicated video stream viewing app, it is only part of an overall IoT app that is doing other things as well… so try to aim for as low as possible in FPS and Bit-rate while still looking good enough.

Also if there is any audio streaming it works best to turn it OFF

Hi, i change the stream with the follow values.

and i take receive imaje in the blynk app but without motion!!! only static view. Any time i disconnect and connect again i receive a newest image but all the time static!!!