Video Streaming widget Android v iOS

Hi all,

Has anyone experienced issues with the video streaming widget where an RTSP stream can be viewed on an android device but not on a shared project used on an IPhone? Both running current blynk apps via blynk server.

I can view the same video stream on Android and iOS projects (each device logged into same account) so It might be an issue with the project sharing… as that was meant more as a limited demo option long before the video widget came along.

OK thanks Gunner… I’ll try it logged in to the account… It use to work no problems but the camera was down for a while and now that it’s up again I can’t get it streaming on the iPhone… Different camera and different RTSP url but surely If it works on one it should share across.

I can not :frowning: Are there limitations on this feature? Is the sharing feature still supported?

Perhaps @pavel, @Dmtry or @ashvetsov can shed some light on this.