Video streaming problem

Hi, I use Blynk with esp8266 and android, since I updated blynk I have problems with the video streaming widget, my RTSP://myip:port/onvif2 link is no longer functional. I tried to install the beta version too but nothing has changed.
How can I solve it?

Sir, How to live stream on blynk app. There is no any information available on internet about this . Using cameraWebServer example in the arduino IDE i am able to live stream on any browser using the ip of ESP32-CAM . But how to live stream in blynk app . I mean in blynk app video streaming widget.

Do you mean no information other than the 50+ results you get whne you search this forum?


I’m uploading new beta version with logs - so it will possible to send logs from your app and investigate the issue. Have you also checked latest not beta release - there were some issues due to our upgrade to latest build tools for android app in previous releases, which can cause some issues as well as in video streaming.

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It is connection and disconnecting in blynk app

Sometime it works well. But some time it shows this problm…

What will be the solution for this ?

I am using this code on esp32-cam ai thinker board…