Video Stream works on WIFI but errors out if connected to LTE

So I am able to stream video from my IP cam using the following format: rtsp://username:password@10.xx.xx.xx:554/live/ch0

Initially I had set port forwarding on my router for 80 with no success even though I could use the IP app on my phone and stream to VLC. Then I set for 554 and I was able to get the stream with my phone hooked up to WiFi. Pretty sure this is a routing issue but not sure where to go from here. I even set the port forwarding from 80 - 554 to no avail.

I did look through other posts and as I said I can stream to apps on my phone hooked up to LTE and VLC. It’s gotta be something simple yet I cant put my finger on it.


The video streaming widget does not involve the Blynk Server or Library (aside from optionaly providing a URL via code), it is just trying to play whatever URL it is provided, directly over your phones network connection.

So, as long as the video stream is availed via whatever method you use to connect your phone, it should work… albeit at different “qualities” depending on the overall network routing.

I finally figured it out. I am going through two routers. One is my ISP issued one and my other one that I purchased that I use for WiFi is hooked into that one. I just enabled WiFi on my ISP router and port forwarded that way with no issue. I could port forward from my ISP router to the one I bought but it works. I may revisit in the future. Thanks for the response.


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