Video Stream Widget

I am super anxious about this addition guys! Fingers crossed you can make this work. It would round out my garage door monitor / opener. My goal was to 1 be able to get alerts when the doors are left open on my phone and watch (this is done), and 2 be able to get a visual from my IP cam in my garage. (what you are working on).

You have a very very old version of the app. How can you see widgets through the dust? :slight_smile: )

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huh? :slight_smile: It was updated just recently.

On your screenshot Buttons are really old. ~6months :slight_smile:

Ah I follow now. That’s correct. I created that project a while back. I since merged it into a single app once I found out you added tabs. The new one has updated buttons. …and it has space for an ipcam view. hint hint :wink:

Hello any news about the development of the video steaming widget for raspberry?
It is already a very good app but, If this will be implimented it will be the killer app for development board

@AndySorriaux This is a very old topic. Much has already been done and the video widget has been available for some time now. Search this forum for recent topics about it for more info.