Video Stream Widget

I had read something in this site about a video (or snapshot from ip-camera) widget.
Any status on this development?

From a security perspective this would be an outstanding addition.
Video confirmation that the garage door is open or closed or video monitoring after motion is detected are two of the more obvious applications.


We will implement this widget after we deliver the first round of widgets. I’m also looking into adding it to Blynk


i guess the easiest camera to come accross for tinkerers would be the raspberry pi camera…worth considering that maybe…


Great to hear that. You guys are on a roll. Keep it coming.

So when can we expect the to see the complete list of first round widgets?

You knew I had to ask !

An interesting option would be to integrate GoPro control and video streaming widgets. Many GoPro models are Wi-Fi enabled and can be interfaced with smartphones.

GoPro streaming is not trivial. And there are already apps for that =). Live4 for example.

I would love to see that! Ideally, with other widgets overlayed over it…

I am planning to use Blynk (among other things) as a quickie RC robot controller, so feedback from the cam would be essential!

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What cameras do you have guys? I’ll give it a try.

A voice recognition will rock:slight_smile:

The RPi camera :grinning:

+1 for raspberry pi cam I would be so happy for some way to get a video feed onto blynk even if it’s just a window within the blynk app that could display a video feed from a separate server like IP address 192.168.0 xxxx:8001 then have say a blynk joystick or buttons to control pan & tilt ( I have all this working via my web api but to have it working in blynk would be perfect.)

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I take it would be useless for Arduino only makers?

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From a bandwidth standpoint I feel like the ip address source would make the most sense (feeds/images don’t stream through Blynk servers). Maybe the programming could send ptz info, or what source displays under what circumstances (like different sources displayed when different motion sensors are tripped). But I’m definitely not well-versed on the video transport methods, codecs and protocols. They are quite varied!

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Arduino basically gets everything through Blynk via C++. The RPi has the capability to do more things but just doesn’t speak the language that’s been heavily established over the years, which is what Blynk runs off of.


Video would be cool but images/pics would be a good start.

Just want to say that I was able successfully setup streaming server and pass stream from my pc to mobile device via external server. However in order to make public streaming server still a lot of work should be done.


Simple RTSP stream. That would be the reason for me to start using Blynk.

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I support this type of widget as well (also raised it months ago). For me, all I really need is an IP camera stream pull that I can embed in my Blynk app. Small window to show my security cam(s).


I have a USB camera.
They are low priced.

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side stepping a bit, a web view widget with just a url setting and maybe a refresh interval could be used for streaming cams, would be extremely flexible, and could be used in an infinite number of ways…
a lot of cams have some form of embeddable web view, including most rpi webcam straming s/w (thinking on it, maybe it could have a filed to paste some html)

Yes, this is what we are doing right now. However it is not so simple as it may look like :slight_smile:.

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