Very Simple WiFiManager for ESP8266 and ESP32

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This works for ESP8266 and ESP32, with or w/o SSL. The configuration data can be saved either in EEPROM or SPIFFS.


Using SSL for local server is a little bit more complicated.
I just created and posted a note for creating / installing LetsEncrypt as well as OpenSSL SSL certificates for Local Blynk Server. Hope it’s helpful.

Below is the Notes:

Any problems, please do not hesitate to open an issue:

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Updated: Dec 17th 2019

Blynk_WiFiManager libraries v1.0.2 just got included into Arduino Library Manager.
Now you can install this library directly from Arduino Library Manager.

Updated Dec 29th 2019

Included in

Updated: Jan 08th 2020

Releases v1.0.4

Why this version

I’m really fed-up with the unfriendly, confusing and cryptic DHCP hostnames such as ESP_XXXXXX, espressif, etc., using ChipID.
Thanks to an issue opened in library ESP_WiFiManager (, I decided to add this option to have built-in, yet configurable DHCP hostname to these libraries.

Now you can easily specify and have the friendly, identifiable, RFC-952-conformed DHP hostnames associated with your boards, such as SmartFarm-DeepSleep-1, Irrigation, Master-Controller, etc. You’ll be happier to have a look at your WiFi Router DHCP list and find out which is which.

New in this version

  1. Add configurable personalized RFC-952 DHCP hostname and setHostname()
  2. Modify examples to use new feature
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Updated: Jan 20th 2020

Releases v1.0.5

Why this version

Normally, the default Portal IP (, SSID and PW as well as the dynamically allocated board’s IP address are good enough.
In special cases where there is conflict, if static IP is required or bad router’s DNS settings, you can use the new features to force the configurable IP addresses. But please use with care to avoid potential issues.

New in this version

Add new features to enable :

  1. configuring Portal Static IP address, Name and Password.
  2. configuring Static IP address, Gateway, Subnet Mask and 2 DNS Servers IP addresses.

Following is the sample terminal output when running example ESP32WM_Config with SSL option true

Starting ...
[34] RFC925 Hostname = ESP32-WM-Config
[46] Header = SSL_ESP32, SSID = ***, PW = ***
[46] Server =, Port = 9443, Token = ***
[47] Board Name = ESP32-WM-SSL-Config
    ___  __          __
   / _ )/ /_ _____  / /__
  / _  / / // / _ \/  '_/
 /____/_/\_, /_//_/_/\_\
        /___/ v0.6.1 on ESP32

[146] Use static IP
[151] connectToWifi: start
[402] connectToWifi: connected OK
[402] IP =, GW =, SN =
[402] DNS1 =, DNS2 =
[403] begin: WiFi connected. Try connecting to Blynk
[408] BlynkArduinoClient.connect: Connecting to
[3684] Certificate OK
[3696] Ready (ping: 10ms).
[3763] begin: WiFi and Blynk connected

Blynk ESP32 using EEPROM connected. Board Name : ESP32-WM-SSL-Config
EEPROM size = 4096 bytes, EEPROM start address = 1024 / 0x400