Values not updating in widgets for intial device configuration by new user

I have the following issue, can’t troubleshoot the cause!

From point 10 the issue starts,

  1. I’m using Android App Ver 2.18.1
  2. Created new user with our local Server with port 9443
  3. Given E-mail,password and logged in.
  4. Create new project with 6 VPIN input and outputs
  5. Added device selector in UI
  6. Added 10 devices in project
  7. Created App with dynamic Auth Token
  8. Scanned QR code
  9. Configured Device 1, Successfully connected, Done.
  10. Device 1 shows online remaining 9 devices not yet configured.
  11. Here in this point values not updated in app widgets.
  12. Reset device done but values not updated.
  13. Configured Device 2, Successfully connected, Done.
  14. Values updated for device 2 widgets
  15. Now in device selector selected Device 1, Now only I got updated values of Device 1.

The facing issue is configuring device very first time, Not updating values in widgets, Device shows online.

Do you have device1 selected in DeviceSelector?

Yes, @Dmitriy I tried. Very first time by default the device 1 is selected. Also there is no option to select another device w/o configuration right?

Yeap. Thanks for your detailed report. We are working on fix.

Hi, I rectified the issue now. What I did is deleted device selector widget and added new one with 10 devices. Selected Device1 by default. And updated app. It works and values updating perfectly. I tried to find the root cause of issue and found that i.e., When I playing the project selected other than device1 example: device 10. And updated project. Then while working on app, The new user’s very first device connected only on device1 with its ID:0.

By default in device selector shows Device1 online in app, but in project its device10. Here is the conflict. So need to update app with device1. If you find any other than this cause pls let us know. Thanks to team.