"value" status on local server

Hi guys

On the local server, the properties of a simply defined button shows as follows:


However there seems to be a “value” missing property where I can check if my button has been set HIGH or LOW on the Blynk app, any way I can get around this?


If you are using Arduino/C++ for your code, then you just need to call Blynk.syncVirtual() to pull the value of the widget.

@Marco_Mkhize You asked this question already.

Please don’t open multiple posts for the same issue… pick one to continue with and I will close the redundant one.

Thank you.

Hi Jamin,I am using the Blynk.syncVirtual() command on the arduino IDE. What I am doing is troubleshooting commands from the app to the local server.

I’ve decided to try running my own local server using Java’s RE, and see how that goes, I’ll shout if I seriously get stuck.


Hi Gunner

My apologies with that as I was off the project for a while after I got stuck, and still new to this Blynk thing.

Will be sure to continue with the previously created one next time, you can close the previous one.

Thanks for informing me.


Button has no value until it is initialized (clicked or inited with virtualWrite). You may just perform click on it after creation and value will appear.

I see, that probably means I’d have to initialize the button using virtualwrite although I only need commands going to the hardware from the app.

Sorry I am very much new to this and would like to speed up my learning process, do you guys have any documentation for syntax referencing and key contents?

Not necessarily… reread Dmitriy’s comment… I believe what he means is until that initial click of the widget in the app, it has no status, however, after that it will be either LOW/0 or HIGH/1

Yeap @Gunner is right. @Marco_Mkhize You may init button with value by clicking on it during “run” mode. In that case you’ll manually assign initial value.

@Marco_Mkhize Out of curiosity… how are you reading the widget status… do you have to keep opening a log file, or are you somehow actively seeing the data in realtime? I have Local Server as well, but have never needed to see the raw data, nor do I quite understand what you would use it for.

The data is stored in a log file. I’m monitoring the data using:

http://blynk-cloud.com/auth_token/project with refreshing the URL every time I change a widget status. I’m receiving feedback on the local server when I change other widget button properties (label, min, max, etc.) on the app, but the “value” property doesn’t show up, even when I’m running the app (@Dmitriy).


I’m creating my own cloud server to see if the same issue will arise.

@Marco_Mkhize this is what a button should look like when HIGH:
{“type”:“BUTTON”,“id”:11,“x”:4,“y”:3,“color”:79755519,“width”:4,“height”:2,“tabId”:0,“label”:" ",“deviceId”:0,“pinType”:“VIRTUAL”,“pin”:5,“pwmMode”:false,“rangeMappingOn”:false,“min”:0,“max”:1,“value”:“1”,“pushMode”:false,“onLabel”:“:cool:”,“offLabel”:“:cool:”},

It could be browser cache issue. Also you saying that using cloud but then reffering to local?

Hi Costas

Somehow the “value” parameter is not coming up for buttons, indicators/LEDs have the “active” property showing and active whenever the status is changed, except for the buttons.

This whole bit confuses me… you are apparently viewing your own Cloud Server data (didn’t know it was that easy), but then referring to feedback on the Local Server??

The Cloud Server and any of you own Local Servers are all totally separate things… Yes you can have the same (copy of) project on each, but when running the App, it will only be affecting the server you are logged into.