Value display won't update in app

Hello, I am having trouble with the Blynk app not updating the “value display”.

Please see image for my setup:

Fairly straightforward project. Basically when the LED turns on (Arduino pin 5 digital write), I want the value display on the dlnyk app to say “HIGH”, and when the LED is off, I want the value display in the blynk app to say “LOW”.

This was actually working during testing, and now suddenly it won’t update, it constantly says “high” regardless if the LED is off or on.

I have tried to restart the app, power cycle the blynk board etc. And have no luck.

Any ideas?

Move away from direct DIGITAL pins and start using Virtual Pins with SimpleTimer.
This was you have more control over what is displayed because you push the data to the app instead of pulling it at random intervals.

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t used virtual pins before. Can you explain a little further on how to read the physical state of a pin using this method?

Thanks again

You should not use the frequency in the Blynk app. Instead, do a Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, value); to set a certain value to a Vpin. In the app set the frequency to “Push”. This way you can control with the hardware when the value gets updated. Because your phone is a lot more powerfull then the arduino hardware it can cause weird side effects so it’s, in my opinion, best to leave updating values to hardware.

Anyway, there are loads of examples in the library of using virtual pins. It’s not much different from physical pins anyway.

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thanks @Jamin and @Lichtsignaal !