Using the new Project Sharing and new Server

Just tried it on my partners android … All up and running … great… Very Handy.
Because I’m probably being thick here … I had to scan the QR on my tablet to get it over. Just how to get it in from the png I sent her via email I don’t have a clue?
What option do I have when I select scan code within the Blynk app? Camera on ready to scan … then what?
Or view code, how to send it into the app?

Ok, new app and local server. Start over… Of course auth code changes in re created projects, so esp8266’s won’t connect. Luckily I can send these over by putting the esp’s into ap mode and use my modified easyweb configuration. It would be far more handy to be able to change the auth code in the app. (maybe only in local mode for security reasons)
If I hadn’t got the ap mode, I would have had to take the esp’s out of placements and reprog them.

This is not yet supported. The main idea at the moment - make app. available for new users (not Blynkers itself). So scanning works only from login page. Of course later you will be able to scan from Blynk app. also.

Not a priority at the moment. But will be done in future.