Using the local server nor registered

I was doing so well…

Ok, so I have everything working no problem.

I decided I might try the local server on my Pi. So I downloaded both the SERVER and ADMIN jar files to /var/blynk. I made the whole lot 777 permissions - ie everyone read and write etc for testing.

I have version 8 of Java.

I ran the server as suggested… and it runs in a terminal, no problem… it even creates log files.

But here’s where I’m missing something - clearly if I try to log in - using the same credentials I have on YOUR server, it fails (I’ve setup the IP address and port) - complaining I’m not a registered user.

Apart from running the server file - just exactly WHAT do I have to do in order to register myself on my own instance of the server??


Local server are totally independent from Blynk server. So you should repeat all steps. Create new account (you may use same email as for Blynk Cloud), upload new tokens to sketch, etc.

Thanks - of course yes - and I assume it won’t send me an email until I set email up.
Ok, so I have the basic server and admin JAR files running - I’ve registered the APP with the local server and that WORKS. The log files include a log file for my email address so that’s all working. I have a working setup with node-red on a Raspberry Pi - no problem.

To try the local server (the APP talks to the local server no problem) I’ve put in address and port 8442 into Node-red (normally blank - you normally just put the KEY in there) - and it simply will not connect - says “Could not login: INVALID TOKEN”. Is there any difference between the real server and a local version in the simplest setup that would account for this?

Correct. instructions attached on GitHub page.

No. They totally the same. Via app you connect to local server (you need to specify in App local server address). So when you connected you generate token and uses it. On github you could find required changes for App and Sketches.