Using separate phone/tablet devices to show same App data

I currently have an Arduino controlling my tank with a smashing tablet running Blynk that both monitors things and allows me to send data to the Arduino.

I would like to have Blynk on my iPhone for when I’m out and about and be able to check things on my tank such as temperatures and everything. How can I do this?

Using same user name in your iPhone? :wink:

I’ve not tried it yet, but assumed I’d have to click ‘new project’ and then it would generate a new code which won’t match the last. No?

If you use the same user name, you will find all your projects in the Blynk APP. Give it a try

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I assume your tablet is running Android? I think you may have some issues as the Android version of the app has some features that aren’t present in the IOS version.
Try downloading the Blynk app on your iPhone and log in with the credentials you used on the tablet and see what happens. If you get some odd behaviour then review the widgets you’re using in your Android version of the app.


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@stevelondon Just to clarify… All your projects and data is actually stored on the Server (cloud or local) under your account login. So you can use many different phones, tablets and even emulators to simultaneously view and control any of your projects.

Ohhhhh. Didn’t realise it worked like that. I’ll give it a go now.

Thanks everyone.

Ps. I know you what you mean about the iPhone widgets not being the same. Will have to check that out. Thanks.