Using sensorvalues from phone

First of all great job on the platform. It works realy great and looks beautiful too. The site is also a piece of art.

I would love too see Blynk reading values from my phone, such as gps, gyro, temp, humidity, etc. Which in turn can trigger a switch or so.
Or an API which other apps can connect to something like Tasker.

Hello. All this is in our plans. Current roadmap is Bluetooth (2 weeks), Wi-Fi manager (1 week), few simple widgets (1 week) and only after that we will start GPS.



What kind of phone do you have that has temperature and humidity sensors?

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Hi Pavel, i use my Galaxy note 3 for my projects which has these sensors. Also the galaxy S4 features these sensors.

Underneath sensors you can see them:

Also there is a Android app called sensoduino which let you see and use all your sensors with data. Somehow the app isnโ€™t downloadable for my phone in the playstore but i would glady send you the apk file.

Hi Dmitry, great stuff !! I am really excited tot see those features. Thanks for your reply.

Here are some screenshots taken with my Galaxy s6 edge which doesnโ€™t have the temp and humidity sensor. But i added a screenshot from my note 3 with temp and humidity sensor.

Sensor data galaxy s6 edge:

Built in sensors galaxy s6 edge:

Humidity+temp data Note 3:

Built in humidity+temp sensor Note 3:

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