Using same blynk project on two different phones

While you are waiting, could you share your project code and try debugging:

  1. Put this line at the beginning of your sketch

     #define BLYNK_DEBUG
  2. Upload it to the board

  3. Start Serial Monitor and tell us what you see when you press the buttons.

Could you please share your code?
You can send it to if you don’t want to publish it here.

Do you mean, that you have a Button Switch Widget, set it to Digital Pin 10 for example. On physical pin 10 on your device, you have something like relay or transistor (or a simple LED) and it is not working?


I will email my code to you.

I have a relay assigned to a digital pin. The relay is controlled by a switch on uLCD. That same relay will be controlled from the outside world with Blynk via a Button Switch Widget. The switch on uLCD works, the Button Switch Widget does not. At the same time however, the data from my value displays works fine.




I have sent you a couple of emails. Please let me know if you did not receive them




I do not know if you have received any of my emails or not. When I send them to you, they come back undeliverable. I resend them and they seem to work, no message on the second try?

Anyway, I will wait to hear from you.


oh, my bad, it should be

Ok so did you get any of my emails then?

I guess Ill resend


I am assuming you got the emails I sent you?

Anyway, I had things working fairly well yesterday. That is to say that all of the value data widgets were displaying and updating data as expected (nothing new).

I was able to get my button widgets to control my project but it was not reliable. Sometimes worked good, sometimes not so good (no lag, very long lag).

After things running all night, I am checking out how things are going. My value data widgets are working fine. The button widgets do not work at all, again.

Yesterday, it seemed like once it started working, the more I used it, the better the response was. I am going to reset my sketch and start over.

When you have time, please advise if you received my emails.



For those of you following this post, I was finally able to get my project working with Blynk. Thanks to the guys at Blynk for their time and support in resolving this.

Blynk is an awesome app and they are a great bunch of people to work with.


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@mpo881, @epicman57,

could you please check - the Ethernet V2.0 was added on the master branch (not released yet).
We don’t have the hardware, so could you check if it works?
Note that I was only able to compile it on Arduino 1.0.x :frowning:

Thank you!

Sorry for the late reply. I have not tested the Ethernet V2.0 library because of the fact it will only compile on the earlier versions. Some of the other libraries I use do not play nice with the older versions and I had another person working on some of my code that was using a different version as well.

It was all getting to be a mess and since I was having problems, I had to start eliminating issues. One of the first to go was using the same version.

If you still would like me to test my sketch with that library, let me know and I will load 1.0.X on a different machine with my sketch and attempt to compile it/test it.


I noticed that the button state is now being stored in the app so that if I turn “on” a button widget and then close the app, restart the app, the same button widget still shows “on”. Great! I am using this on iPhone 5s. When I log in to my project on my iPhone 6, the button widget that is “on” on the 5s looks like it is “off” on the 6. Is the state of the button widget being stored in the phone or is it stored in the project and only shows up on the phone that was used to originally used to create the project?

In other words, it would be nice if the button state was stored on the server and then regardless of which device I am using to control my project, they would all “see” the same state of the button widgets (on or off).



You’re right. Right now state is stored only locally. We are working on to make it store on server side.

Thank you for the reply. I look forward to that :smile:

I have noticed however that on the iPhone 6, the button state is not being stored. I have tried even with being logged out of any other devices. Is there something I am missing or perhaps a bug with the iPhone 6? It does work on the 5s


Quick observation…sorry if it was mentioned above…

Set up Blynk on Android.
Logged in on iOS.
The unsupported (notifications, terminal) widgets did not show up on iOS as expected.
But once you log in on iOS…the widgets disappeared on Android.

Yeah, you will experience such issues until
we sync both platforms. Right now we are more focused on delivering widgets. But it will be synced of course, with ui states and with settings.

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Awesome…looking forward to it.
Also…Love the quick and helpful replies from you guys. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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