Using LCD as graphic LCD

Hi all!

Can I use LCD display as graphic LCD in advance mode with my custom library?
I want to have a big numbers (speed of bike) in my project, so i see only this way.
Maybe someone can show me another way?

The LCD widget is text only. The advanced mode just allows more precise placement of text.

You could try the Labeled Display widget, it might be a bit clearer, if not very big, for your need?

I just did a doubletake on this… if you are on a bike, using your phone for the display, and presumably an Arduino, RPI or ESP for the speed sensing hardware… how are you connecting to the server?? Or are you packing a local server and dedicated hotspot network all on a bike :wink:

Maybe 4G.

Labeled and another displays are too small in vertical for me.
First, this is electric bike. I have hardware to control all parameters on bike with Blynk.
Near connection with Bluetooth, far connection with GPRS.

I experimented with a simple matrix of LED widgets… it works, but the need to rapidly send the LED ON/OFF commands can cause flooding…

@Dmitriy I would like to add a suggestion for large alpha/numeric or matrix type widget. Thanks.

(@Fettkeewl OK, not quite this large, but bigger than a label :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Not to be rude mate, have you tried wiping of ye ol’ glasses :sweat_smile:
You have me worried needing such size of numbers :wink:


I do applaud your creativity :smiley:

I think he ran out of components for prototyping so he figured why not go to the sandbox for a few days :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for idea, but I made this few days ago and this can’t help me. LEDs are big, for 2 numbers it will take all square.
Now i use another function. I am waiting for future updates:wink: