Using button widgets to control motors

We are currently trying to control two motors with four button widgets. We are using a Raspberry Pi 2B and a N150 nano USB adapter to connect the raspberry pi to the phone through WiFi. Now, our problem lies with including certain libraries. We have uploaded the libraries that Blynk requires and followed example codes to get the “necessary” libraries but when we compile the terminal returns a fatal error saying that it cannot find the libraries.

Any insight on which libraries we should be using?

You are not giving us much to work with. Can you post some more details? For example, the exact output of the error and the code you are using? This makes it a lot more easy for us to try and help you :slight_smile:

Motor’s can’t be that hard to address. Did you unpack the Blynk libraries to the Arduino library folder? I’ve heard on the forum here that you should not use the Arduino library, it somehow messes it up, just unzip the folder to the libraries folder and restart the IDE.