Using > 127 Virtual Pins in sketch

Ha… I don’t know… I am all bossy, not all knowing (shush, don’t tell anyone ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I thought that this was a system wide expansion of vPins for normal use, not a partial update that has strange use cases and rules. But then even with my MEGA testbench, I never exceed 80 consecutive vPins anyhow so I never looked into it until I saw this topic.

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No it does not work :wink: The fact that it compiles doesn’t mean it works.

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@mars it would increase memory usage.

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yes , it does not work, nothing is displayed on my label widget , really bad :wink:

Hello @vshymanskyy @Dmitry I am just curious if this functionality will be released on the next Blynk Library maybe V0.5.5?

Please read my comments above. Especially:

The BLYNK_WRITE_DEFAULT() function handle virtual write for all pins > 127, this is a small example to manage pins 181 and 190:

  int pin =;      // Which pin has trigger write
  int value = param.asInt();  // Use param as usual.

  //only for debug
  Serial.print("virtual write pin: ");
  Serial.print(" value: ");

  //handle pins actions
    case 181:
      //your custom code for pin 181
      Serial.println("TODO 181");
    case 190:
      //your custom code for pin 190
      Serial.println("TODO 190");

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