Users and devices

Hi there

I’m using the commercial plan with 100 users

Is it possible to assign one device to multiple users?

Also is it possible to assign one device to an organisation and all users in the organisation can access the device on their phone?

Can you also add notification groups
Ie multiple users in an organisation can get push notifications from a single device

Can you add the ability to add additional phone numbers to a devices notification settings ie one device sends a a notification to the cloud that then triggers 20+ Mobile phone texts to different people not register in Blynk

Hello. Nice questions!

Yes. You need to create a sub-organization, invite all users that should have access to this device into this org, and provide all invited users with the role that has “VIEW ORG DEVICES” permission.

Yes. See above comment.

Yes. You can select option “All” in the device notifications settings. In that case all users of the organization will get notifications.

Not possible right now. We can’t deliver to users that are not in the system. It’s not that we can’t do it, but all providers (email, SMS) require to send the text to verified users. So we need to be sure users are real and exist, to avoid BLynk being in spam lists.

Thank you @Dmitriy for your prompt response

Fantastic product, keep up the great work

Can’t wait for combined dashboard / aggregated dashboard

A suggestion for aggregate dashboard is to be able to create them in the parent organisation to monitor sub orgs devices.