User Permission plus Plan

I bought the plus plan and I created a user and installed it on user’s phone. He can see all my templates and projects/ devices but I want only he can see one device or template how can I do please help me I cannot buy Pro plan it is too expensive for me. I just want that user can see only one template from my organization
Please Help me

@Saeediqkw please don’t create multiple topics on the same subject, keep the discussion in one place.

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Can I took my money back because no use of it. one user can use all my projects / for the other users too. Pro plan is very VERY expensive

There is no option of refund. Once your subscription period is over leave it. Do not subscribe again.

You should have went through the comparisons between plans on Blynk’s website and also asked us here in the forum if you had a doubt before subscribing.

Is any way that user can see which is invited only his device. Or
Any discount only for some permissions in pro client / user see only his project /template? Others hidden from him example I am making security system Gold Shop if there are two Gold shop. One can easily steal Gold from the other shop or any other shop because he seeing all my templates/ projects

You cannot use plus plan for commercial use. You need to subscribe to pro plan in order use Blynk for commercial purposes.

The solution is to upgrade to the Pro plan, it gives you control over permissions for each role, and also allows sub-organisations to be created to give further control over who can see/manage each device.


IS ANY DISCOUNT FOR PRO IT is very very expensive 42Usd per month it Is too too much
expensive any other solution?

These are the prices. Why should there be a discount?
It’s much cheaper than developing your own app, web console and C++ libraries.