User inputs

I need to be able to write code that will prompt the user of the blynk app a question about their climate. Whether “arid,moderate,humid”. The system will then change the setpoint dependent on what the user input. Is this supported on blynk? Thank you so much

You can create a tab called Settings for example. Then use various Input widgets.

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Not as you require but it can be implemented using an input box/terminal

I think I’d go for a a menu widget, pre-populated with the possible answers, or maybe a multi-position segmented Switch.
Other options are a Slider widget, where you go from ‘bone dry’ to ‘raining cats and dogs’.


They’re the only 2 options you need for us UK folk, eh @PeteKnight :laughing:

@JustBertC and a timer to switch between “Cats and dogs” and “Phew, it’s a scorcher” at random intervals, when you least expect it, and when you didn’t bring a coat!