User friendliness question


I’d like to use Blynk to control LEDs in some lamps and other things I’m making. I’d potentially like to sell these products, so I have a question about the end user experience.

Is it possible for the end user to buy a lamp, download the blynk app then connect to the lamp via wifi, without the need for any technical know-how? I’d basically like the experience to be as simple as possible for them, but I think that to connect via wifi they’d need to edit and upload the wifi SSID and password to the microcontroller. If that’s the case, I might look into bluetooth connection instead, which I imagine would be more simple.

I’m pretty sure that’s not needed when you are looking at doing this commercially. From what I have read it’s a very simple process to add new devices for the customer.

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Commercial users have access to Blynk Inject which steps them through the process of getting their device connected to wifi.

You can also use WiFiManager to roll your own.


Thanks for the help. I’ll look into those options.

So, you want to sell a device with a programmed ESP8266, Wemos, etc. That device could be connected to the end user wifi. End user will be able to switch on / off / change color / brightness of a lamp through wifi.
To simplify your end user connecting your device to wifi router, try connecting through WPS. Press WPS switch at your device, then press router WPS button.
Searching ESP8266 WPS will give you some example sketches

:point_up_2: @DaleSchultz has already pointed out what is required using Blynk inject. Plus as it’s a commercial venture, they need to purchase the relevant licensing anyway which includes inject.

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more modern wifi systems no longer use WPS