User/edit mode export

Will it be possible to setup a project, and the convert it to an apk file. This way it will be possible to create a project and install an application at my wife’s and kids phone. Users should have no way to change or edit controls, they just need to see controls and use them. The user does not need and should not have any access to the programming mode, I am not sure even if he needs to login manually. just stat an app, touch a button and light is on, no more, no less…



Yes, this highly requested feature. It will be implemented for sure. But only after we will finish all widgets.


still no updates about the export feature ?

We are working on it right now, estimates are 3-4 weeks. This will be first paid Blynk feature.

Many Thanks :slight_smile: what is the expected cost?
will the export cost me? or the blynk itself with be costing money one shot ?

We don’t know yet and discussing it at the moment.

Any news about this excellent feature? Is it available yet?