User Defined Button Text


The button widget currently display ON/OFF when you click it.
It would be nice if the text inside the button could be specified by the user.

Example: I have two buttons which are used to increment and decrement a timeout value in my controller (these are labeled ‘More’ and ‘Less’ the resulting timeout value is displayed in a value widget).
This works well but it doesn’t make sense for these buttons to say OFF and ON clicked.

It would be nice if there were settings on this widget to specify the ON and OFF text values.
These could default to ON and OFF but be specified as some other text by the user. E.g. UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT etc.

Also, if you do not supply a label for the widget it defaults to BUTTON - I would rather it did not display any text if nothing was supplied.

Perhaps you could look at adding a Spin Button Widget? You could hook up this to virtual pin and send 1/0 to indicate add/subtract.


  • Nick.
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