Used open box devices - can't enable/register

bought a new/used/open box Iot Starter kit. No flashign lights, can’t use the QR code, can’t use the serial number on it. Help. Not new to all of this, but new to this gadget

I think you need to provide more information about your hardware.


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Sorry kinda new here and was trying to get the device up an running quicky.
I recently bought (ebay) a box Sparkfun Blynk IoT Starter Kit.

I’ve messed with a bunch of Arduino stuff and am somehwhat used to programming them etc.

This board just lights up a single red light, never flashes and can’t seem to find success activating or enabling it with the QR card or the manual ID on it.

This board right ?

Yes sir. That’s the one. the small red LED in upper left turns on. not other lights, no change with the reset/button. no QR code and no serial will activated it (used/ebay/openbox)

Have you checked this :

The red LED is power indicator so when you connect the board to the pc it will stay on even if you reset the board.

To be honest, buying second hand hardware is always a dodgy idea.
When you can buy a new NodeMCU for a couple of dollars, it’s not really worth buying second hand. The NodeMCU is also a good choice because it’s a mainstream device used by lots of people. The Sparkfun devices are rather a niche product.