Use PC with Blynk via HTTP API

Hi guys!!
I’m trying to integrate my computer to my hoem automation, I’m using a nodeMCU and I want to send
wireless commands to it, someone know how to do it??

Blynk is already used with a PC… Local Server, Android emulator, USB link, HTTP RESTful API, and eventually some additional form webpage control.

By their very WiFi nature, this already happens with Blynk.

I think you need to provide much more detail about what you want to do :wink:

OK haha
on my computer I got a blackwidow keyboard, and with this hardware you can set some buttons as shortcuts to .bat files, so I was wondering if it is possible to use something like .bat files to send comands to my nodemcu

@jesio94 not familiar with your keyboard but presumably it can be set for single key HTTP API or do you not want to use the API?

for real I don´t know how to use API, my keyboard can set the keys to run programs, so I was using .bat files to send comands trought the serial port, but now the nodemcu is not conected to the computer anymore so I don’t know what to do

The api is at

Do I need a webhook to the api to work?

No, just send the commands.

In your bat file:

start “” http://…"

I’m sending this comand

but nothing happens…

are you sending token or your unique 32 character code?

the 32 character code

Is it failing in a browser or just in the bat file?

it fails in the browser too

Invalid token or no response in the browser?

Which widget do you have tied to D2?

I got no response… d2 is the pin that my relay is attached so i justo need to change between 1 and 0 or high and low(not sure if I can use high and low on the api)

But is the relay tied to a widget i.e a Blynk button?

yes it is

Put the button in Switch mode and try from the app.
Maybe the relay is active low, many are.

It is a switch button and works well in the app, it just don’t work in the browser

Relay active with on / off in the app?

Does give you the project details?