Use of admin.jar found with blynk server.jar and client.jar

Hi guys blynk is a great platform, I appreciate the work that has been done by you guys

I faced a few problems while using it for the first time, I did not have access to good Internet connection so I decided to try blynk with hotspot created using 2g Internet connection and arduino serial as of now I don’t have any WiFi modules with me, but it did not work.
Then I decided to give local server a try, I was able to set it up in few minutes and was able to play with examples. I was using windows laptop and my old phone in hotpot mode to connect laptop running blynk server and another phone which had the app(maybe I could have used phone running app as hotspot)
It was really good experience that how easy it was to setup and run blynk.

Sorry to divert from the topic, while downloading blynk server I found 3 jar file in github one is server another is client but there is no info on what is the use of admin.jar file I know it is not need to run local blynk server but im little curious about the file.

Thank you
Keep up the good work

Hello. This is script engine. you could write any code on java and run it via this admin.jar. At the moment it it used for password reset and user requests rate monitoring.

Hi Dmitriy thank you for the replay I don’t know Java but running Java code you mean on server sounds interesting is there any how-to on this topic

is there any how-to on this topic

No =). If you need some feature you may ask me or create ticket on github page. Anything you may want is already there =).