Use Blynk to Open Separate App?


Love Blynk and have been using it for the past 6 months for development of a new product. My question is this… is it possible to add a button widget to Blynk (or any other widget) that would open up another app running on the same phone/device? For example, we’d like to show an early demo of our product to a potential customer and would want to press a button widget that opens a video streaming app. The app is currently running on an iOS device.


Technically, on iOS it depends on whether the app you want to open provides URL schemes for its communication.

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Thanks for the guidance. I’ll reach out to the app developer.

I do have a URL for an external site where video is streamed. Would that be more feasible?

Sounds like the video widget used on Blynk’s Android version.

This problem came up again whereas I am not sure the video widget will solve. I have the URL scheme for a an app and would like a button widget within Blynk to open the other app. How does one do this? Thanks

Such customization is pissible only for subscribers to our business plans:

Thanks Eugene; this is clear now. This was for a demo, but we are in conversations regarding a business plan for production. Very excited.