Use Blynk.setProperty() to adjust SuperChart Data Stream

Hello Blynk team, community-

I searched the community if there was any help on how to set Property of the Super Chart Data Stream variables. I did not find any so asking for help. If this was addressed, I must have missed it, pls point me to the thread.

Can I set the Min/ Max/ Suffix type properties of a data stream from the hardware side? Example would be able to allow the user the set the max Y axis value in the app using a Step Setting Widget, then read that value and then set the Max value of the Data Stream property in the Super Chart?

Example will be similar of how I can set the color of a slider widget using, {Blynk.setProperty(V0, “color”, “#0C990C”);}

I would like to do {Blynk.setProperty(V1, “SUPERCHART.MAX”, “200”);}

Hope this makes sense. Any suggestions?


I don’t think there is any option for this. Setting up the SuperChart is already very complexly capable in the Widget itself… and with multiple data streams, I suspect making them all customizable via a simple Blynk.setProperty() would be an effort.

But if there is enough requests and the developers ever do that, then it will get referenced in and Announcement Topic and the documentation.

Thanks Gunner.

Fellow users of super chart, any of you think this is a good enhancement? Pls suggest in the comments to this thread if you do.