Use Blynk+ESP8266 to control CC3D

How to use ESP8266 to control CC3D??
CC3D has flexi port & main port that can be used in USART mode.
So how to use it??flash blynk to ESP8266 & configure CC3D to use main in USART & start flying??
Or need more configuration ??
Dows CC3D need some special firmware or i can use it wih openpilot or cleanpilot??

Always start simple.

Make everything work independently. Understand how all the parts work. Then integrate.

How to flash Blynk to ESP8266 in standalone mode.
All results i found includes FTDI or USB-ttl. But i don’t have these currently.
But i got Arduino 2560 & a usbasp if those will be usefull in flashing.Also got a raspberry pi.

I found some tutorial about flashing firmware to ESP8266 using raspberry.
But all are using firmware file in .bin format (NodeMCU or EZ-gui).While Blink uses arduino as IDE.
can i just add ESP8266 board to arduino IDE in my raspberry & flash Blynk standalone as usual ??

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Easiest is still get a cheap usb-to-ttl. It would come in handy if the convertor exposes the RTS and DTR pins for you. With those you can auto program your ESP from Arduino IDE without needing to pull up and down pins and such.

Thanks , gonna consider buying FTDi or similar for USB to ttl.
It’s just ordering online will take 10 days for the product to be delivered

Yeah it’s annoying, but once you have it, it’ll make your life a lot easier :slight_smile: I used this guide: to make a little print to program my ESP’s. It works very well. As I said, make sure you can use the RTS and DTR pin. Something like this:

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