Use Arduino OPTA and Portenta

Hello Blynk support and community!

We are interested in running a large scale commercial project that will be based on Arduino OPTA by Finder specifically the WiFi and Bluetooth version.

We are also looking for support for Arduino Machine Control - with WiFi and bluetooth here as well.

We would appreciate to know if there is compatibility for these 2 products and if not whether it is something we can look forward?

Looking forward to your replies
Thanks in advance
Kostas Andronikos

There is no Bluetooth support in Blynk IoT.

Have you read this…


Dear Pete,

thank you for the reply. We do not need to provision through Bluetooth, we need to provision through Lan and WiFi. We use bluetooth as a serial communication to collect data from sensors.

Unfortunately MQTT is not a solution for us, as we need Blynk for its management and provisioning capabilitites. We plan to rollout 10s of 1000s of devices so management and provisioning is crucial for us.

Any ideas or even better any plans or thoughts from Blynk?

Kind Regards

Unfortunately the Portenta uses the STM32H7 much like th Giga R1. I’m looking for support for this processor as well but judging by the lack of activity on both the website and forum I doubt there will be support for them anytime soon.

Luckily Arduino Cloud supports the Giga, it should support the Portenta too. They do not have as many features as Blynk which is unfortunate, but for the moment it is the only option.

Not the only option.
You could use the Blynk REST API, or as I suggested above, MQTT and Node-Red with the Blynk plug-in. The latter is the basis for all or my Home Automation projects.


Yes, I should have been a bit more descriptive in my last post. I was referring to a canned solution without the need for configuration of an API or middleware. I agree that MQTT and the REST API are both solutions, however, in my opinion they are not ideal. All it takes is a single change to any of the integrated platforms to bring your project screeching halt. While not likely, it is possible, and from the OP I can only assume that on a large commercial project you would not want to rely on an API nor MQTT. If not for latency concerns then for integrity of the communications.

Yes, you are adding more layers to the cake, so more potential points of failure. But, if you do it right then you are actually creating more resilience.
With a Blynk only cloud system, if the Blynk server, your internet connection or some piece of infrastructure in between fails then you have no control over your device - except possibly if you’ve incorporated physical controls and don’t use a blocking connection method.
My HA system can still be used if any of these things fail.

This infrastructure setup also allows very simple integration with other services such as Alexa, and to integrate other communication systems such as LoRa, IR, 433MHz.

I love using Blynk as my front-end, but having Node-Red as my logic/rules engine is such a powerful system. Many of the minor changes that I make to the functionality and interaction of devices is done via Node-Red, without the need to make firmware changes.



In another post my issue was resolved and I am able to use the GiGa R1 now with Blynk, since the Portenta uses the same processor, there is a good chance that this will work for you as well:

Solved by @Juraj

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