URL for IFTTT from Dubai, UAE and Cavite, Philippines

I want my blink setup URL and token to IFTTT to my Google Home.

Can you explain more about what you’re trying to achieve?

Do you have different Blynk projects that were created in two different countries?


now im here in Dubai, but soon i will do when i going vacation

This is youtube video i already watch “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SvRolROPxA” .
And go to 14:05 play time for “Make a web request” in IFTTT.

My google home voice command is working, but no reaction from my device.
Working only when im using Blynk apps from my iphone mobiles.

Okay, from your PC in Dubai, open a command prompt and type “ping blynk-cloud.com
The resulting IPaddress is the one you use in the IFTTT webhook.
Be aware that the digital pin reference used in the webhook command is the GPIO pin reference, not the “D” number that’s printed on the NodeMCU board.

Once it’s working correctly in Dubai, no changes will be needed to make it work correctly in the Philippines.


ok thanks i will check

Can you help from D0 where i can transfer this pinout using D0 from NodeMCU?
And i also need to change from Blynk setting and IFTTT?


Site: “https://www.teachmemicro.com/nodemcu-pinout/

The pin labelled D0 on your NodeMCU is GPIO16. This would be referred to as D16 in a webhook call.

Having said that, GPIO16 isn’t a great pin to use for this. Read this: