Urgent! Keep loosing devices and templates. Inconsistency between app and website

Hi Blynk.
I am on a PLUS subscription with a monthly fee.
Had 5 devices on one template. Added another device with other tempate but
Blynk decided to replace the template with the other template. Could not get a device created for the 2nd template. Now also there isnconsistency between app (5) and wbsite (6) devices. Wors, when I add a device in the app, I briefly see it, it is and stays on the website but then dissapears on the app again. Tried naming etc. Looks like my account is corrupty or a really serious issue is going on. I now only have 4 devices lin the app as I cannot create more, and lost 5 devices!!!
Help please
You should have my account details.

Hello, @JoopHeuvel Are you using android or ios? And what version?

Also please send me to private mes. Login email and server

Hi Joop,

it looks like you used an incorrect combination with the template id and device authtoken in the sketch ( template id from one template and the authtoken device created under a different template)
You need to check if the template id you specified in the sketch is correct.

Dmitriy from Blynk

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