URGENT> App login error: User not recognized

Hi! I’m trying to login from my iPad with the latest App but I always get the “User not recognized error”. I haven’t been using the platform for a while.

Sent an email to “hello@blynk.cc” 3 day ago but with no response. Any other way to get support ?

Regards, JL.

You have used this email Before?
You have been using Blynk steadily since 2015?
You know your password for sure?

Hi Dave, the email is OK, it’s the one I used to register after the Kickstarter campaign (I’m an early backer). I receive regularly Blynk’s email news.

I used the app without problems till 2016.
I also tried to follow the link for resetting the password but I got the same error.

I had a similar issue, I would recommend using the login with email. It sends you a link that you can click on, which will log you into your account.

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No way… I get “We don’t have such email address in our database. Please re-check”.
Seems like my account was DELETED !!?? WHY ??

How can I get support if my emails are not answered ?

Thanks Martin.