Uploading sketches to Arduino Mega + Esp Shield over a network?

Obviously I have no idea how this would work or if it’s possible, or if it already exists, but with my Arduino Yun, I’m able to upload a new sketch over a network from Arduino IDE… It’s an amazing thing and a huge time saver… Is this at all possible with an Arduino Mega + Blynk Esp Hard Shield?

It should, emphasis, should, be possible with a bit of tinkering, however, I still haven’t managed to get that working. The idea is to have a piece of hardware which I use quite often attached to the serial port. Namely, a serial-to-ethernet convertor. With a driver on your computer it will create a virtual com port for uploading data.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t work, but I think it has something to do with the auto handshake protocol and speed negotiating. Still trying to figure this one out, because it would save me some grey hairs too :slight_smile:

I imagine I’ll have about 20+ arduino/esp’s in various combinations to manage in a couple months so I want to prevent the grey hairs before they start… I’ve found a couple links on the subject:


Maybe @Costas or @tzapulica have some thoughts?

Isn’t OTA update available already via arduino IDE?

@Dave1829 it is, but so far no OTA Serial Monitor as far as i know …
funny this is mentioned now, I actually have a though i want to prototype along these lines
@zeeko i really like the simplicity of the arduino ide for instance, having to call another python script with build paths and so on… i m sure it can be coded in the config files for arduino ide, or use platform io, i am sure there is a solution, i just didn t see one yet that s seamless to do it all…

@Dave1829 it is… But it doesn’t seem to work with an Arduino using an ESP as a WiFi shield…

It would be possible if you write your own firmware for ESP.